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Атлантика и Аркашон




On west seacoast of France, Arcachon is one of the most famous place to visit : lying on the edge of the biggest bay. All in this interior sea is in harmony with a quiet nature.

We will imagine how people only hundred and half years ago made this dream to built a new town here a reality. Wonderful 

big charming houses typical from this period and hotels of “la belle époque” where Russian tsar or Empress Sissi went attracted by sea health good effect ( maybe food and wine too). After walking on the seaside looking at the wonderful bay, we can have a bath for feet or more…

No doubt that you will enjoy do some shopping in the market. We will buy some oysters and other seafood to have a tasty picnic. Dont worry I wont forget dry white wine of course: it s name is Entre Deux Mers  !!! And maybe you will have lesson how to open an oyster without going to hospital.  

( approx 3 hours with picnic and bath ! ) 


Now if stomachs are ready we will use a boat to cross this bay and reach the opposite side in Cap Ferret. The feeling there is to be at the edge of world with sea all around: a quiet one and a wild one. We will have a wonderful view after go up to the only one lighthouse. All beautiful wood houses under pines made this small town one of the dearest in France.

( approx 2 hours )


Back to Arcachon we will go to a near place which is an incredible gift of mother Nature. Imagine a dune of sand high of 110 meters from ocean at its feet: Pylat dune is the highest in Europe. We will climb on the top and you wont forget this view from natural monument made by wind and tides. Then  if you still have some breath… we can go down to the ocean. 

( approx 2 hours )


Last escale for this ocean discovery will be Biscarrosse. Typical seaside resort where some shopping or bathing in refreshing waves are possible. 

( approx 2 hours )



This discovery can be done on 1 or 2 days according to your desire. In the case of longer stay a night in camping under pine trees can be organized or a way back to  hotel.